Repair and Service

Cromwell Emergency Vehicles – Maintenance, Repairs and Custom Installations

Service3Cromwell Emergency Vehicles offers a wide range of services and repair for your ambulance and employs trained, talented and knowledgeable staff to perform these services. The desire to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction isn’t just limited to new ambulance sales, but to every aspect of our business.  Cromwell Emergency Vehicles understands how important your vehicles are to your department and the communities you serve. Lives are at stake when it comes to repairing, maintaining and inspecting ambulances. Patients, EMTs and loved ones count on ambulances to provide 100% reliable transportation 100% of the time and we take ambulance repair and maintenance very seriously. Our EVT/ASE certified technicians understand ambulances’ unique features and service requirements implicitly, providing service which is 100% thorough 100% of the time.

We have a full service garage at our headquarters in Clifton Park, NY and with our fully equipped Mobile Service Vehicles, we can provide a rapid response to meet your maintenance and repair needs minimizing any out of service or downtime for your vehicle.

Cromwell Emergency Vehicles wants to be your #1 choice for service. Our EVT certified staff can work on all types and brands of ambulances. Most service can be performed in your station from our fully stocked mobile service vehicle. However, if it better suits your needs, Cromwell also offers Vehicle Transport Service where we will come to you and pick up/drop off your vehicle and if you bring your ambulance to our service center, Cromwell provides you with a car so you don’t need to wait for service to be completed.

Service Centers

Cromwell has also established relationships with local service centers throughout NY, CT and VT to make it even easier for you to get the service you need, when you need it. These Osage authorized service centers can perform warranty and non warranty service on you vehicles.

To better serve our customers and provide “one stop” for maintenance and repairs:

  • CEV is an authorized LINK and KELDERMAN AIR RIDE service center
  • CEV is an authorized ON-SPOT installer and service center
  • CEV is an authorized STRYKER installer for Power Load
  • CEV is an authorized ZICOMATIC Dealer
  • CEV is an authorized SECURE IDLE Dealer
  • CEV is an authorized FERNO WASHINGTON Dealer
  • CEV is an authorized WHELEN LIGHTING Dealer


Cromwell Service Technicians are experts in the areas of vehicle diagnostics and repair: If your ambulance is experiencing electrical issues, we can take a look and diagnosis the issue. Our technicians can then provide a quote and repair the problem to get your ambulance back in service as soon as possible.

Heat / AC System repairs: Having a properly operating HVAC system is crucial in providing a comfortable environment for your crew and patients.

Oxygen system inspection/ repairs: Having a reliable oxygen system is paramount to an ambulance in service. We can assist you with any issues or repairs needed to your oxygen system and ensure it is in an acceptable working condition for emergency situations.

Emergency light replacements: Ambulance lights are one of the major indicators to others on the road that an emergency vehicle is coming. Having your lights running efficiently is always a priority concern and we have plenty of experience working with many different types of lighting.

Sirens: We have what it takes to get your ambulance siren sounding the way it should again.

Mechanical: Everything from seats, locks, doors, cot mounts, cabinet doors and latches.

Custom Installations: Looking to make a change or upgrade your emergency vehicle? We can perform custom installations for most applications.

Service1Additional Installation and Repair Services include: Camera/GPS, Power Entry Side Step, Radios, LED Overhead Lighting, Exterior Lights and Light Bars, Sirens, Air Horns. If you want it on your ambulance, we can do it!

We also work with our experienced partners to provide collision repair, including full paint services and graphic design for all your custom emergency vehicle decals and lettering needs.

For copies of our current Vehicle Upgrade Offers, click here.